Monday, March 31, 2014

Persistence of Vision

   We recently visited with our oldest son and his family. They are a military family and had just moved to a new duty station here in the United States. 
   Grandmother math always travels with activities to do with the grand kids. In the following video you can see one of the grand sons demonstrate the Woodpecker Illusion

    Both boys made an illusion by cutting and gluing two sheets of paper and then they used crayons to add color to the two patterns that make the illusion. Andrew added apples falling from his tree.
   The illusion is made by gluing one picture with the woodpecker's head back from the trunk of the tree over a second picture with the head of the woodpecker on the trunk.
   The top picture is curled around a pencil. 

   As is seen in the video, the illusion is created by rapidly unrolling and rolling the top picture.
   The best use of this simple activity is to stimulate students to create their own two-picture illusion
  A free cop (PDF) of the Woodpecker Illusion can be had by simply emailing a request to 

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