Friday, March 23, 2012

The Tiny Bang Story

   Almost two years ago The Tiny Bang Story puzzle game was made available on Steam for both the Mac and PC platforms. It is now available on the Apple iPad.
   Our four youngest grandkids are first grade or younger.  I would play The Tiny Bang Story with the kids, often just before bedtime, where we would huddle around my laptop.  The Tiny Bang Planet is a computer game for kids of all ages. I played through the game (and enjoyed every challenge) to make sure the story was appropriate for younger children.
   It’s a 'search, find, and click' game with additional logic puzzles. Kids will need adult assistance with the harder logic puzzles but kids can easily find the hidden puzzle pieces and other objects needed to move to the next level. There are five levels in the game and the game ends with the planet restored to its original condition, with all of the puzzle pieces back in place. Very colorful and engaging graphics with good sound and easy game play. Our grandkids loved it on the Mac and PC and can now replay the game on the iPad.
   Heres a short video preview of the opening level of the game.
Note: Steam is an online game distributor that supports both the Mac and the PC platforms. Games purchased on Steam are placed in your game inventory and available for play anywhere in the world. Steam automatically applies updates to your games. The client software is available, free, at